Welcome to Doubletime Recording Studio! Doubletime is a legendary studio based in sunny San Diego, California and owned by Jeff Forrest. Jeff has established himself as one of the premier engineers in the San Diego music scene working with many legendary bands. San Diego has been home to Doubletime for over 25 years and is one of the longest running and most successful studios in all of California.

We feature a large array of vintage analog as well as the most modern in digital technology along with a large tracking room and relaxed atmosphere with very affordable rates. Doubletime Studio has been in the forefront of the Southern California music scene since the 80’s and 90’s and is still thriving.

With a roster list of clients including 18 Visions, As I Lay Dying, Blink-182, Bryan Beller, Atreyu, Spero Lumina, Rocket From the Crypt, Buck-O-Nine, Pathology, Sprung Monkey, Fluf, Lucy’s Fur Coat, The Locust, Mike Keneally, Parker Theory, Larger Than Life, Lucky 7, Furious 4, The Dragons, The Radio Active Chicken Heads, Diego, Grand Tarantula, One Drop, Bleeding Through, The Bomb Pops, Pierce the Vail, Fear and many more countless talented artists.

Labels we have worked with include Revelation, Cargo, Fabtone (Japan), equal Vision, Trustkill, Asian Man, MCA, Taang, Roadrunner, Facedown, 3 One G, Victory, and Relapse. Doubletime has been established as one of the best studios to record in all of Southern California. “Producing and Recording music is what we love, it is our passion, it is life.” Doubletime Recording Studio is very proud to have produced and worked with great bands and artists and we have always been fortunate to have worked with some legendary talents along the way.

We work with every genre from Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Pop, Pop Punk, Indie, Emo, Acoustic, Jazz, Country, Metal, Hardcore, New Wave, Soft Rock, Reggae, New World, Latin, Salsa, etc.

If you are in a band or a singer/songwriter and would like to discuss recording your next album or demo with us,
email us at: info@doubletimerecordingstudio.com

You can also call the Doubletime Office at 619.957.9214


Client List:
18 Visions, As I Lay Dying, Altreyu, Bleeding Through, Blink-182, Buck-O-Nine, Diego Roots,, Rocket From the Crypt, Fluf, Incubus, The Locust, Mike Keneally, Parker Theory, Julie Mack, The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Sanai Beach, Fear, Three Mile Pilot, The Dragons, Falling Cycle, Shadowlit, Chapel of Thieves, Cheap Sex, The Silence, Star Crossed, Agent Orange, 16, Cattle Decapitation, Life Crisis, The Gizzards, The Christian Club, Palida Mors, Pistolita, Gregory Page, Carlos Olmeda, Sara Petite, The Screeming Yeehaws, Lucy’s Fur Coat, The Asphalt, Chris Opperman, The Von Steins, Skipjack, Career Soldiers, Hot Like a Robot, Taken, One Drop, Pathology, Tracy Johnson, Leather Nun American, Zombie Surf Camp, Terry Reynolds, The Arrowhead Band, Watch Us Burn, Grand Tarantula, Gortuary, Pass the Ax, The Metrons, Deadbolt, Unsteady, Swindle, Kill Holiday, Fatso-Jetson, Adamantium, Over My Dead Body, Lovelight Shine, Bill Magee, Mark DeCerbo, The Lovelight Shine, Bill Magee, Mark DeCerbo, The Screemin Yeehaws, Plane Without a Pilot, Dan Hauer, Pentagoat, Secret Samurai, Asphalt, Given Life, James Alger, The New Addiction, Starcrossed, One Theory, The Strikers, Dubluva, Beingkilled, Waxing Pathetic, That Dan Thing, Bakers Hill